Top 10 Zombie Games of 2015

Top 10 Zombie Games of 2015

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When it comes to the survival games market, zombie games are getting increasingly popular due to the thrill and adventure they offer. Whether you love playing survival stimulator or are simply looking for some zombie bursting fun, this year has got a whole host of zombie games to play and look forward to. Here are the Top 10 Zombie Games of 2015.

1. H1Z1

Out in January, H1Z1 is Sony Online Entertainment’s attempt at breaking into the hugely popular, and lucrative, zombie survival market. already features an extensive base-building and crafting system. ] a survival MMO sandbox game that is set shortly after a zombie apocalypse in the United States, pitting players against the undead, nature and thousands of hostile survivors. H1Z1 is capable of holding over a thousand players on each server, with time.

2. DayZ Standalone

Right from its very launch a few years back, DayZ has been a huge success round the world. Now the game is making its way onto Steam’s Early Access as a standalone game. The edition has made its mark in the recent months offering great features such as addition of vehicles, weapon customization, extensive crafting and an advanced medical system. Its a highly realistic survival game set after a zombie apocalypse.

3. Dying Light

Released in January 2015, this first-person survival game has been developed by Techland. Featuring an open-world city environment, the game lets you explore the world while scavenging for weapons and supplies to save yourself from the infected population. You will find more aggressive and dangerous enemies during the night, whereas will come across random survivors in the day who you can opt to set traps for, save or claim airdrops.

4. Lifeless

Lifeless is a zombie game that is definitely worth looking out for. The multiplayer FPS survival game is all about intelligent game-play that requires you to make tough and smart choices in order to survive. Even the zombies are challenging and intelligent enough to keep you striving harder and harder. A dynamic environment sporting a wonderful tide system, an engaging story, factions, and world events are a part of this great game.

5. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Released in February, 2015 and developed by Capcom, this one is truly one of the most remarkable zombie games available out there. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a two-player survival horror adventure with a cooperative story focusing on teamwork by offering complimentary play styles to both players. The game is divided into four episodes and numerous new challenges. It surely gives you reasons to replay the adventure.

6. State of Decay : Year One Survival Edition

State of Decay is now available on Steam in the Year One Survival Edition. The game has also been remastered for Xbox One in full 1080p. You will be dumped in a sandbox open-world in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Strive to find shelter and survivors while looking out ways to keep yourself and your group living. The game sports all the previous and new features. The users who are upgrading their State of Decay also get a 33% discount.

7. Dead State

Dead State is an amazing, turn-based survival game where the player is in charge of a group of survivors sheltering from the apocalypse. You are supposed to fortify and protect your shelter while you scavenge to find supplies for keeping your people alive. Zombies and other groups of survivors are your threats. The characters in the RPG game have stats, perks and skills, along with a complex morale system for the survivors of your group.

8. Killing Floor 2

After quite a long wait, the marvellous game will be out this year. Players move to continental Europe where the failed experiment of Horzine Biotech’s has lead to an outbreak that has rapidly spread and gained uncontrollable momentum. Send entrails, get severed limbs and see blood flying as you wade through groups of enemies. This game brings all new levels of fidelity to zombie games.

9. Human Element

Developed by Robotoki, Human Element is ready to release in November 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game takes place 35 years after a zombie apocalypse wherein you must survive against the living and the undead. You are free to use a variety of tactics for defeating other factions and defending your base. The game features vehicles, base-building and ways to complete goals and escape with resources.

10. Zombie Army Trilogy

Launched in March 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Zombie Army Trilogy is a third person tactical shooter video game developed by Rebellion Developments. The cult horror series witnesses an apocalyptic end with an amazing new third chapter, a horde mode, and remastered versions of the best-selling Nazi Zombie Army. Chase down the relics while you travel through the ruins of bombed out Berlin, burning museum and creepy forests. There you have it the Top 10 Zombie Games of 2015.


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