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Are You a Big Fan of Zombies Games?

And zombie movies, and zombie picture? If so, Please join our facebook page. You’ve come to the right place! Zombie Free Games HQ gives you access to the most exciting, popular, and flat out fun flash undead online games on the market. Our selection of games is vast, and continues to get bigger every day. The best part? Every game is 100% free to play, and always will be. Online Flash games are so popular, because they are compatible with a wide variety of computers, and are easy to program and control. Flash is also highly adaptable for a wide variety of games and game styles. The undead are similar, in that they inspire a wide variety of different movie and games, from high action experiences, to more thoughtful concepts. We make sure to cover the full spectrum of undead entertainment excitement.

One of our most popular action games is “Last Human vs. Zombie Army.” This survival action game features an overhead perspective, and focuses on high octane undead killing action! You are the last human on Earth, and you must fend off an endless hoard of zombies. Use a variety of weapons to advance, and watch your kill meter: you might end up killing thousands of risen corpses in no time at all!

Other games, like “Darktopia,” are run and jump platform games, with shades of a Metroidvania approach. Darktopia is a particularly popular game, as it features high quality graphics, a unique storyline, smooth controls, and a vast world to explore. You could spend hours exploring this map, and never get bored of fighting off the hoards of the living dead! “Darktopia” mixes the high quality excitement of an action game, with the thoughtfulness of a strategy or RPG game, for a completely unique gaming experience.

As previously mentioned, all games on our site are free to play, regardless of whether or not you have signed up for a free profile. However, if you sign up a free profile, you can upload your own game, rate games, and get the latest updates on new games added to our site, via our weekly site newsletter. You can also communicate with other site members, meet new gaming buddies, and even make connections with a vast network of Flash game programmers.With its quickly growing network of high quality games, and a dedicated group of site members and programmers, Zombie HQ is quickly becoming one of the most popular flash zombie games site in the world. No other site has the same dedication to providing such fun, easy to understand, and exciting games. We hope you enjoy your visit here, and we know you’ll find a game that excites your interest. Happy zombie hunting! We don’t have any games for XBOX, PC, or PS3 why do you keep asking. **Brains not included* hacked.

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